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Vibroscreen® Circulaire vibrerende zeefmachines


Kason enkel en multi-deck zeefmachines zeeft stortgoed vanaf 5 cm tot 25 microns, van vaste stoffen tot slurries met vaste deeltjes. Deze zeven zijn inmiddels een wereldwijde standaard geworden voor kleine tot grote capaciteiten, continue of batchgewijs scheiden, ontstoffen en ontwateren van een zeer brede range van producten en toepassingen in bijna elke proces applicatie, evenals in talrijke ongewone en moeilijke productie toepassingen zijn kwalitatief hoog aangeschreven zeefinstallaties nodig. Met de juiste trilling wordt een maximale doorvoer capaciteit bereikt zonder breuk bij het product te veroorzaken. De zeefmachines worden aangeboden in diameters van 460mm tot 2540mm gefabriceerd in normaal staal of roestvast staal in industrieel, food, zuivel en farmaceutische toepassing. Verschillende opties beschikbaar zoals snelle verwisselen van zeefdekken en CIP reiniging.

Enkeldeks zeefmachines
De meeste gangbare zeefmachine tegen een lage prijs
Kason single-deck screeners separate solid particles ranging from 5 cm to 25 microns in size from dry or moist bulk solid material or solids-laden slurries, on a batch or continuous basis. Multi-plane inertial vibration maximizes throughput and gentle product handling. Offered in diameters from 18 to 100 in. (460 to 2540 mm) and constructed to worldwide standards for industrial, food, dairy and pharmaceutical applications. Options are offered for rapid screen changes, in-place cleaning and fast, thorough wash down. Available for rapid shipment.
FLO-THRU low-profile, hoge capaciteiten
Scheidt bij hoge capaciteiten en beperkte werkhoogtes
FLO-THRU VIBROSCREEN® separators employ two imbalanced-weight gyratory motors mounted on the exterior of the unit (instead of one motor positioned beneath the screening chamber), reducing minimum height requirements significantly. This enables the bottom outlet to be located directly below the top inlet, allowing material to fall vertically through the screen at high rates. Available in diameters from 18 to 84 in. (460 to 2135 mm). The external location of gyratory motors also makes Flo-Thru models suitable for high temperature applications. 
Enkel en multidecks zeefmachine
Sorteert, schraapt, en/of classificeert in precieze segmenten
Kason VIBROSCREEN® separators with single or multiple decks (shown) yield up to five precise particle classifications from 5 cm to 25 microns (500 mesh). Available with a variety of anti-blinding devices, they handle dry, moist, lumpy, stringy and otherwise difficult-to-handle bulk material on a batch or continuous basis. They are available constructed of stainless steel to industrial or sanitary standards, in diameters from 18 to 100 in. (460 to 2540 mm). Options available for rapid screen changes, in-place cleaning and fast, thorough wash down.
Zeefmachine met "Clamshell" deksel
Voor een snelle zeefwisseling en eenvoudige reiniging
All VIBROSCREEN® vibratory screeners from 30 to 60 in. (760 to 1525 mm) in both single- and multi-deck configurations are available with Kason’s exclusive “Clamshell” option.
The hinged lid and/or frames are released via quick-disconnect clamps and held in an open position by gas pistons, allowing rapid screen changes, inspection and easy, thorough wash down of all interior surfaces. The Clamshell Lid accepts screens with or without center tensioning construction, and accommodates screen decks with or without anti-blinding devices.
"Air-lift" voor een snelle wisseling van zeefdekken
Voor snelle reiniging, zeefwissel en inspectie
The Kason Air-Lift system allows one operator to gain rapid access to the interior of any circular vibratory screener for screen changing, cleaning or inspection. Two vertically-mounted air cylinders raise/lower the upper frame, which is secured with a safety lock-out. Eliminates potential worker injury, oil leakage, frame  cocking and manual requirements associated with hydraulic systems that protrude from screener bases. Available for any make or model of circular vibratory screener from 40 to 100 in. (1016 to 2540 mm) in diameter.
Ultra sanitaire, "Gap-Free" zeefmachine
Goedgekeurd volgens cGMP, 3-A, USDA en FDA richtlijnen
The VIBROSCREEN® Ultra-Sanitary Screener features gap-free screen frames, quick-release “U” clamps, radius corners, a domed lid, an Air-Lift device to raise the frames, continuous ground and polished welds, a crevice-free interior, and a washable underside. The external, interlocking flange configuration of the screen frame fully envelops the support ring of the screen, allowing the screen’s wire mesh to extend to the interior walls of the frame. Eliminates the gap between the screen ring and frame wall of conventional screeners where material typically collects.
Farmaceutische/sanitaire CIP sorteerder
Reinigt snel en grondig d.m.v. CIP spray koppen
Kason’s VIBROSCREEN® sifter for pharmaceutical/sanitary applications features all-stainless construction finished to cGMP, USDA, FDA, 3-A, and BISSC sanitary standards. Quickdisconnect clamps allow two-minute disassembly of all water supply hoses, clean-in-place (CIP) spray head fittings, and screen frame sections for inspection or screen changes. The screen frame’s interlocking flange eliminates the gap between the screen ring and frame wall of conventional screeners where material would otherwise collect. Available in diameters from 18 to 60 in. (460 to 1525 mm).
Ultra-sanitaire Low-Profile batch zeefmachine
Goedgekeurd volgens cGMP, 3-A, USDA en FDA richtlijnen

VIBROSCREEN® Low-Profile, Ultra-Sanitary Batch Sifters in diameters of 18, 24 and 30 in. (450, 610 and 760 mm) scalp oversize particles down to 38 microns (400 mesh) from bulk materials. They feature gap-free screen frames, quick-disconnect vertical clamps and all-stainless construction. The screen frame’s interlocking flange fully envelops the support ring of the screen, allowing the wire mesh of the screen to extend to the interior walls of the frame, eliminating the gap between the screen ring and frame wall of conventional screeners where material would otherwise collect.

Classificeren met hoge capaciteiten
Scalping en ontstoft bij ultra hoge productstromen
High-Capacity Classifiers employ a coarse upper screen to scalp, and a fine-mesh lower screen to dedust. On-size material is discharged at high rates through a 360° annular gap (instead of a discharge spout) into the unit’s outer frame, eliminating a material choke point. Material drops freely onto a steeply sloping pan and exits through a large discharge spout at rates up to 70 tons/h (64 metric tons/h). Available in diameters from 60 to 100 in. (1525 to 2540 mm). Widely used for removing oversize particles and fines from plastic pellets, grains, sugar, salt, fertilizer and other materials at ultra-high rates.
"Kascade" hoge capaciteit zeefmachine
Geeft een capaciteitsverhoging van 60 tot 160%
“KASCADE” Internal Recycle screening decks increase capacity 60 to 160% over screeners of equivalent diameter. Required as new when floor space is limited, or as retrofits to undercut cost of new equipment, each KASCADE deck features a 360° annular gap at its periphery and contains a screen whose mesh equals that of the conventional screen below. Excess material cascades over the periphery of the upper screen, into a bowl shaped tray that redirects it into the center of the lower screen for final separation. Up to three conventional screens can be fitted with KASCADE Internal Recycle decks, achieving rates to 100 tons/h (91 metric tons/h).
Pneumati-Sifter hoge capaciteit zeefmachine
Scalping in-line met pneumatische transportsystemen geleidelijk, onder hoge capaciteiten
PNEUMATI-SIFTER VIBROSCREEN® separators scalp dry materials in-line with dilute-phase pneumatic conveying systems at high rates, removing oversize particles and foreign materials from plastic resin, flour, starch, sugar, and numerous food and chemical products. These pressurized systems are ideal for loading/unloading of trucks or rail cars, or conveying materials between process or storage areas. Available in diameters from 24 to 60 in. (610 to 1525 mm) to handle up to 30,000 lbs/h (13,600 kg/h).
Pneumati-Sifter/Flo-Thru dubbeldecks ultra hoge capaciteit sorteerder
Scalping in-line met pneumatische transportsystemen geleidelijk, onder hoge capaciteiten
Material enters the central chamber through a tangential side inlet, avoiding 90° impact and breakage of particles. Air flow propels material upward through a top screen and downward through a bottom screen at rates to 60,000 lbs/h (27,200 kg/h). On-size material above the top screen is pneumatically conveyed through an internal bypass to the discharge outlet. Oversize material ejects at the lower screen’s periphery. Available in 48 and 60 in. (1220 and 1525 mm) diameters.
Makkelijk verplaatsbare batch sorteerder
Materiaal scalping voor het product opgeslagen wordt.
This lightweight Batch Sifter variant of Kason’s FLO-THRU VIBROSCREEN® separator line scalps oversize particles from small batches of bulk material being loaded into drums, blenders, other process equipment and storage vessels. Offered in diameters of 18, 24 and 30 in. (450, 610 and 760 mm), with a single imbalanced-weight gyratory motor of ample capacity for typical batch requirements. Constructed of stainless steel finished to worldwide standards for industrial, food, dairy or pharmaceutical applications. Available as portable units or as mobile units on caster-mounted stands.
VIBRO-AIR™ sorteert op grote en dichtheid
Verwijderd te kleine bestandsdelen en lichte materialen 
Vibratory screening removes fines, while air flow removes low bulk density materials such as: chaff from grain, wood fibers/flour from chips, and strands/angel hair from plastic pellets/regrind. On-size material flows through a discharge spout at the screen's periphery as heavier fines pass through the screen and a lower spout. Air drawn into the base of the chamber flows upward, drawing low density materials into an airstream vented to a cyclone and/or dust collector. Available in 24 to 100 in. (610 to 2540 mm) diameters. Optional scalping deck.
Zakkenstort cabinet met zeefmachine 
Scalping stortgoed met ontstoffingsinstallatie
VIBROSCREEN® Circular Vibratory Bag Dump Screeners scalp bag scraps and other oversize materials from manually dumped bulk materials while protecting the operator and plant environment against dust contamination. Ambient air and dust from dumping activities is drawn through dual cartridge filters that derive vacuum from a top-mounted exhaust fan. Dust accumulated on the filters’ exterior surfaces is dislodged by pulse jet nozzles that alternately release short blasts of air on a timed cycle. Available in 24, 30, 40 and 48 in. (610, 760, 1015 and 1220 mm) diameters, to 3A, FDA, BISSC and other standards.

Centri-Sifter® Centrifugale zeefmachines


De Kason Centri-Sifter® centrifugale zeefmachine levert een zeer hoge capaciteit maar is toch heel compact. Droog of vochtig bulk materiaal wordt via een valpijp in de horizontaal gelegen cilindervormige zeef-kamer, gelijkmatig verdeeld. In elke zeefkamer roteert een as met spiraalvormig aangebrachte spatels om het product te versnellen, zodat het product zich tegen het zeefgaas aan werpt. Fijne deeltjes gaan door het zeefgaas en verzamelen zich in de ondergelegen trechter met valpijp, terwijl te grote productdeeltje door de trommelzeef naar het eind doorstromen en daar worden afgevoerd. Ieder van de zeef-kamers bevat een snel te openen deksel, een zijdelings groot reinigingsluik en een valpijp. De buiten liggende aslagers zijn gemonteerd aan motorzijde en aan dekselzijde voor een trillingsvrije werking. Wanneer de deksels worden geopend, dan wordt de as gesteund door een derde extern gemonteerd rollager, die is gemonteerd tussen de motor en de productinlaat van de machine. Zo wordt het schoonmaken van deze machine snel en eenvoudig. Naast het zeven van droog product, kunnen met dit type machine ook kluiten worden gebroken van zachte geagglomereerde of samengeklonterde producten en/of als ontwateringszeefmachine voor vochtige producten of slurries toegepast worden. De zeefmachine is vervaardigd van roestvast staal tot 3-A, FDA, BISSC en andere sanitaire standaards die worden vereist voor food-, zuivel- en farmaceutische toepassingen, als ook voor besmetting gevoelige chemicaliën.
Centrifugaire zeefmachine
Sorteert, scalping, ontwaterd en ontklont bij hoge capaciteiten
CENTRI-SIFTER™ centrifugal screeners separate solids from solids or slurries at high rates. Rotating helical paddles accelerate the flow of on-size particles or liquids through a cylinder of woven nylon monofilament or stainless wedgewire screen, while breaking up soft agglomerates and screening difficult to handle materials. Offered with numerous anti-blinding devices. Access door allows rapid inspection, wash down and screen changes. Belt-driven and direct-driven units available to industrial, 3A, FDA and BISSC sanitary standards, and in low-profile and twin configurations. Thousands in operation worldwide.
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